Materials: Plastic, steel, 1800 cm Ø, 300 cm H

For the artwork, HAPPY TOGETHER (2021), he collaborated with the Belgian family business Moderna. They are a great match with their slogan ‘Creating smart plastics for happy pets’. The monument made of colourful cat-litter boxes and pet beds from Moderna will be fully recycled by the company once Paradise Kortrijk 2021 is over, and it will be transformed into elegant, new pet supplies. This way, Choi tries to illustrate the harmony between man and nature. The artist suggests a method to make plastic reusable, and to rethink the spirit of plastic as something that is not merely disposable. By literally stepping into daily life, his playful practice comments on the privileged environment of art institutions, and he questions the art market in the context of mass consumption. Choi explores the artificial and the permanent through plastic, and refuses to categorise his art.

40 kunstenaars uit 18 landen brengen 60 kunstwerken op 16 binnen- en buitenlocaties naar Kortrijk. 

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