VIPCITY - Zeemijl

Materials: Wood, cardboard, styrofoam, 1851 cm × 600 cm × 200 cm (part). Collection M HKA, Museum for Contemporary Art Antwerp

VIPCITY – Zeemijl is part of De Onaangepaste Stad (‘The Maladjusted City’), a proposal that Deleu and his agency have been working on since 1995. VIPCITY is the fourth phase after the previously designed neighbourhoods Brikabrak (1998), Dinkytown (1998-1999), and Octopus (1999). It is a large allotment for 38,000 inhabitants in detached houses around a city axis 7.5 kilometres long. The model is 18.5 metres long, which is one hundredth of a nautical mile.

40 kunstenaars uit 18 landen brengen 60 kunstwerken op 16 binnen- en buitenlocaties naar Kortrijk. 

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