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Towards Paradise

Materials: Water fountain, golden egg, wood, lighting, scent, audio, variable dimensions.

With Towards Paradise (2021), artist Josep-Maria Martín, along with the architect Alain Fidanza, the musician Carlo Vitali and the Respiro Dell’Arte Musical Association, celebrate ‘water as the source of all life’. The cosmological origin of our life. Where there is water, ‘civilisation’ begins, and a city or culture grows. A golden egg dances on the water that it recovers from the old pond that exists in the centre of the artillery tower. For the artist, the egg shows how each cell is a link of life and is a source of new life. Therefore, the egg symbolises the cellular changes that drive biological evolution. Convinced that evolution is only possible with and through crises and love, the remains of the water reservoir in the city walls inspired Martín to transform this ‘place of war’ into ‘a place of love’.


This intimate event — whether you experience it individually or with your bubble — immerses you in a total sensory experience. Martín challenged all his senses through experiments with music, substances, light, sensations, scents… in search of a place where people can truly feel and be better. It proposes a space where you can be free, while still being aware of the connection with the cosmos, putting your feet in the water and being an active part of the work of art, and realizing how tiny and at the same time immensely large we are. By creating a dialogue between micro and macro, the artist wants to create a truly paradisiacal experience — which is not possible without connection with the other.

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