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THE MISSING SCRIPT 4. Exit highway

Materials: Oil on canvas, 32 small paintings.

THE MISSING SCRIPT 4. Exit highway is Devriendt’s most recent project, and it can be seen as a large series that keeps developing over several years. Think of it as ‘an idiosyncratic interpretation of a storyboard’. Obscure characters and surprising props are shown in different settings — settings where drama may or may not be suggested. The artist examines the effect of images in which the viewer’s interpretation is the main character. Devriendt takes on a firm point of view within today’s visual culture and vision of reality. And you are invited to read ‘the broken stories’ like a detective, and to let your imagination challenge the space between the paintings.

40 kunstenaars uit 18 landen brengen 60 kunstwerken op 16 binnen- en buitenlocaties naar Kortrijk. 

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