Materials: Aluminum, binder, pigment, ca. 20 cm × 30 cm each. PALMA (I-III) is part of Ortmeyer's PALMA Collectio, SILVER Collectio, EMOJI SHADOW Series and TABULA Collectio.

German artist Sarah Ortmeyer (°1980, Frankfurt, Germany) challenges the status and imaginative power of objects. She depicts well-known objects that will have you dream of escape and paradise, in sad shades of grey. Familial forms become charged symbols — their colours erased, stripped of tropical connotations, and grotesquely enlarged. The work deals with archetypes of economic privilege and greed and emphasises the fragility and loneliness of escapism. Ritualised happiness is one of Ortmeyer’s main themes. It can be seen as an intimidating phenomenon where everything is planned with only one goal in mind: to feel chosen. Through a sensitivity that searches for a balance between a direct attack and subtle allusions, the work exposes the delicacy of the pursuit of a better life. The beautiful and ruinous palm trees cast a sharp, tragicomic shadow of inequality, jealousy, and excess — all terribly inseparable from the material translation of paradise.

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