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Harmonic Motion II

Materials: Polyamide 6,6, 1.060 cm × 770 cm × 800 cm.

Japanese artist Toshiko Horiuchi MacAdam's beautiful textile artworks weren't originally meant to be touched. But when she exhibited a space-filling crocheted sculpture in a small gallery in Tokyo in the 1970s, and saw how a bunch of kids – to everyone's surprise – climbed the net without any hesitation, the artist saw – much to her delight – how the artwork came to life. The sculpture started to rock and stretch, and Toshiko understood that her artworks were created for children – exactly the connection between people and art that she has been looking for all along. The deepening of this direct connection between art and life led to an impressive oeuvre of gigantic, interactive, crocheted and knotted playgrounds of Playscapes. In the middle of the economic heart of the city of Kortrijk, a three-dimensional, cheerful structure titled Harmonic Motion II invites young and old to come and play in an irresistible manner.

40 kunstenaars uit 18 landen brengen 60 kunstwerken op 16 binnen- en buitenlocaties naar Kortrijk. 

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