A venison of loveliness

Materials: Oil and pencil on canvas, 160 cm × 200 cm.

The titles of Sanam Khatibi’s paintings sound like poems of a carnivore full of desire: But I Want to Swallow You; I Can Still Taste You, and A Venison of Loveliness. The exotic landscapes depict love scenes between a naked woman and an anthropomorphic creature. The trees and plants occupy almost the entire image and form the idyllic, Arcadian, night-blue backdrop for the erotic escapades of her subject matter. The artworks are attractive and seductive at first sight, but a second glance reveals an eerie, uncomfortable atmosphere. The scenes have something unreal about them, and are reminiscent of the past because of the reference to classical compositions, mythical creatures, and the world of the gods, as well as an ominous, post-apocalyptic vision of the future. 

40 kunstenaars uit 18 landen brengen 60 kunstwerken op 16 binnen- en buitenlocaties naar Kortrijk. 

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